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Date: 6th June 2018
International Recognized Round No Right Turn Sign
Circle Blue Aluminium Direction Road Signs Safety NoticeSize: 450 mm? diameterOrientation: CircleMaterial? : aluminium .advantage : never ruststyle : available with or without channel fixingVery strong sign plate,Website:, Durable and cost efficient raw material is your first choice .Direction Roas signs ?customized circle blue with 2.5? Aluminiumon single carriageway urban roads with a speed limit of 30 mph or less ,the works will always be on the near side in the direction or travel .?A "keep right "sign will be mounted on the back of the works vehicle or the vehicle protecting the works .there may also be a "keep left" sign on the front of the vehicle to be viewed by traffic travelling in the opposit direction .?additional static "road works ahead" signs may be placed at the side of the road and may include a distance plate such as " for 1 mile" .there may also be "road narrows on the left " signs .?the vehicle will usually have flashing lamps on its roof .the type of work likely to be carried out includes grass cutting .weed spraying and gully emptying .?on some busy roads ,traffic may also be controlled by "stop /go " boards.1. Product Introduction of the Direction Road SignsChange in the road direction aheadThese warning signs let you know the road is going to change direction. You should drive with caution within the speed limit and follow the conditions of the road.Change in the road direction ahead signs can show you how the road you are on will:?1 ) The first direction road signs mean you should proceed in direction indicated by the arrow .?2 )The second direction road signs means You will see 2 side roads close together that meet on the continuing road ahead ,and you should continues on in the direction of the go straight arrow and turn left? .?3 ) T-intersection sign:The road you are driving on will come to an end when it joins another road2. Product Specification of the Direction Road SignsInstallation way? : Framed and StakedReflective sheet? : Engineering Grade Reflective AluminumReflective value? : average 500cd /lux/square meterMOQ : 10 PCSLifespan: 7-10 yearsRaw material: Never rust aluminiumPackaging: sold individuallyPayment: T/T ,L/C ,Western union , E-checking and small amount in paypal .Size: available to custom or the regular oneStyle: Round , square ,Triangle ,rectangle,octagons3. Product Feature and application of the Direction Road Signs :As a road user, you must obey all instructions on regulatory signs or risk getting a fine and points deducted from your licence. All of local restrictions relating to parking times and would be shown on or near the sign.?this sign is normally widely used in anywhere ,? found in rural areas ,dual carriageway ,highway and motorway entry and exits where let you know that road changes are coming up on your drive.?4. Product details of the Direction road signs :Blue circles generally give a mandatory instruction , such as "turn left " or indicate a route available only to particular classes of traffic .the reverse side .Reflective display at night5 . FAQ Q1 . Are you a manufacturer ?Yes , we have been in providing professional work technology in traffic facilitics industry more than 4 years from 2014 .Q2 . What information should i know if i want to get a quotation ?1. The size of the products (both regular or customized size are acceptable)2. The material and the design .3. The quantityif it is possible ,please also provide with pictures or design for checking ,samples will be best for clarifying ,if not ,we will recommend relavant products with details for reference .Q3 . Do you inspect the finished products ?Yes ,each step of production and finished products will be carried out inspection by QC department before shipping .?6 .Deliver,Shipping And After -sale Serving of the speed limit road signs .Delivery leadtime : 7-15 days after confirm the pre-samples .Shipping :Air Shipping ,Express (DHL, UPS , FEDEX ,TNT so on )Sea shipping, from Shenzhen port to any other destinationAfter sale servicewe offer 1 week follow up after receive the goods .Any quality issue will compensate or replace once confirmed is our responsibility .7.More style Reference :